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2009-12-28 Fresh Install List

My laptop has not been behaving lately and I figured it's time for a wipe & a fresh install.  I was compiling a list of all the apps I need to install and figured I'd share it with the world.  My current feeling is that anything not on this list will have to be installed on a VM, but we'll see how long that lasts.  I really just want my new install to be clean and tidy.


  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Expression Studio 3
  • SQL Server 2008
  • CodeRush & Refactor! Pro – you'd have to be a masochist not to use some sort of code assistance plugin
  • TortoiseSVN
  • VisualSVN – integrates SVN (runs on top of TortoiseSVN) straight into Visual Studio.  $49 and worth every penny!
  • WinMerge – it's free and so much better than WinDiff
  • Fiddler2 – a terrific web debugging proxy.  It's free and worth every penny (and then some)


  • Pidgin – my officemates use AIM (and probably Win95 too), but I use GTalk for everything else.  1 (free) app is better than 2
  • uTorrent – I was an Azureus guy until they turned into Vuze and increased their bloat exponentially.  uTorrent does the job, and does it well.
  • Windows Live Writer – it's actually a great blogging software.  Seriously! - CodeSnippet plugin
  • TweetDeck – my twitter client of choice


  • Notepad++ – because notepad sucks
  • VirtualBox – really great Virtualization software, and it's free
  • Paint.NET – comes in handy way more than I thought
  • PeaZip – open source, handles tons of file formats, and it's prettier than 7zip
  • Virtual CloneDrive – freeware tool to mount ISO and other images.  Don't ask me why Windows doesn't come with this!

Firefox Plugins

  • Firebug
  • YSlow
  • Adblock Plus
  • Windows Media Player Plugin