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2010-08-18 Reading config file when called through COM interop

Seems obvious in retrospect, but gave me some trouble yesterday.  I'm using hMailServer (a nifty, open source SMTP server) which supports scripting via VBScript event handlers.  Now I don't want to code in VBScript so I wrote a .NET library and was using some COM interop to pass everything through.  However, I wanted my library to read configuration values via the ConfigurationManager class and didn't know what config file it was looking for!

In a .NET app you typically have an App.Config that gets copied to a new name on build – YourApp.exe.config.  I was building a library though, not an executable, and my library was being called through COM, so what should the config file be named?

Well after some research (running procmon – man that's a useful utility!) I found that the config file that ConfigurationManager was looking for used the same naming conventions as if it was called from a .NET app: "calling-executable.exe.config" – in my case "hMailServer.exe.config" in the \hMailServer\bin directory.

Good to know!